Monday, June 20, 2016

3 Ways to Maintain and Store Your Bike

I love to ride my bike – I ride it almost every day, and on the days I’m not riding, I’m tweaking or working on it in some way to keep it working as perfectly as I can. And when you care for something as long as I have, you will end up working out a system to make both riding and working on a bike as efficient as possible. Here are three suggestions I have to help with this.

1) Keep your bike somewhere that it’s safe from theft and the elements. Rain and snow will age a bike faster, so you don’t want it to be out in any of that. I use a bike storage shed in my back yard to keep it safe, but if you don’t have the space or the money for one, keeping it in a garage or your apartment would probably work just as well.

2) Have a work space for your bike too. When I lived in a smaller apartment this was my kitchen, but now it’s my garage. I have all the tools I need set up exactly as I want them, and my chair is very comfortable, both of which make it very easy to sit down, get to work, and let the hours drift by.

3) make sure your riding equipment is easily accessible. I used to keep them in a closet because I had no other space, and just due to inconvenience I often would leave my helmet and riding gloves at home. Nothing ever happened, but I believe safety is important enough that, if you’re inconvenienced by where you keep your helmet, then you should move it to somewhere else. I now have some wood shelves in my garage where I keep my equipment, so it’s on hand whenever I want to go for a ride.

By following these three recommendations you’ll have a system that is highly efficient, and will make your bike riding easier than ever before.