Wednesday, January 9, 2013

THIS Magazine Reviews Cosmo!

THIS Magazine's Caitlynn Cummings has reviewed Cosmo for the new January/February 2013 issue.

It's a short but sweet review. Here's what she had to say:

In his first collection of fiction, Cosmo, Spencer Gordon shows us his Mariah Carey-esque range. With expert wordsmithery, Gordon moves from affecting familial realism to absurd vision quests in celebrity to experimental palate cleansers. The opening lyricism of "Journey to the Centre of Something" and the masterfully controlled, tightly reined prose of "Jobbers" gives way to a 3,000-word sentence and an epic Wiki-ramble-babble called "Frankie+Hilary+Romeo+Abigail+Helen: An Intermission." But with breadth also comes focus: character, cyber culture, stardom. Cosmo's most successful meditations on the latter involve Matthew McConaughey picking up unconscious doppelgangers on a road trip through the desert; Leonard Cohen entering into an ironic endorsement deal with Subway; and Lil' Romeo's biography sitting uncomfortably beside Helen Keller's. Brave, poignant, and hilarious, Cosmo, I can't help but think, must be for Gordon, like McConaughey, "his personal chariot through good times and dangerous places," his "key to adventure, immaturity, [and] boyish exploration."

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