Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cosmo Ready for Lift-off (Pre-Order)!

My debut collection of short fiction, Cosmo, is now available for pre-order on the Coach House Books website. Head here to order yourself a copy!

From the Coach House Books Fall 2012 Catalogue, available for perusal here.

An admirer of Miley Cyrus performs a three-thousand word sentence in defence of his passion. Actor Matthew McConaughey descends into a surreal, stupefying desert of the soul. An aging porn star dons a grotesque dinosaur costume to film the sex scene of his life. Such are the speakers and stars of a collection of stories that explode the conventions of short fiction.

Though shifting wildly in tone, structure and perspective from one page to the next, each of these mercurial stories is drenched in pop culture, the distancing effects of modern communication and the malaise of solitary existence. At their core, these stories are a portrait of ordinary people (as well as celebrities – they’re just like us!) striving, thinking and suffering alone.

Praise for Cosmo:

"Try any first page here, and, if you are not mouth agape with voyeuristic thrill, then this writer is not Spencer Gordon, one of the most daring writers I’ve ever come across. These stories read like collaborations between Stephen King and TMZ with Borges and Nabokov on the edits. Each short story sounds with the thunder of a novel. Enthralling, dark, gut-busting stuff!"
 – Jeff Parker, author of Ovenman and Igor in Crisis: A Russian Journal

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