Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Dear Blogoe,

I have four fun things to talk about.

1. I am reading as part of a literary "zoo" to help save the High Park Zoo! Tightrope Books and friends will be holding readings from 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. to raise funds for the zoo. We'll be right across from the park at Cafe Novo, where many local "people" drink coffee and stare at Macs.

Readers include Myna Wallin, Heather J Wood, Danila Botha, Samantha Bernstein, Nathaniel G. Moore, Liz Worth, Spencer Gordon, Mike Spry, Karen Correia Da Silva, Tara Michelle Ziniuk, Sandra Kasturi, Royston Tester, Dayle Furlong, Sue Bowness, Karleen Pendleton Jimenez, Robin Akimbo, Nyla Matuk and more!

Here is the Facebook link.

I will be wearing a shirt with a TURTLE on it.

2. I have an early draft of a cover image for my first book of short stories, Cosmo, due for release in the fall with the very amazing Coach House Books. It's not going to be the final version, but I have to say that it's mighty fun. Designed by Arnaud Brassard.

Don't you want to soak up the rays under that Pepto-Bismal space-invader sky?

Like the 1980s ate Bret Easton Ellis then vomited a pink pastry.

Like Battlefield Earth meets Legally Blonde!

Like Q-Bert meets The Andromeda Strain!

3.  I forgot to bloag about this, but about a month ago we released Issue 16: Winter 2012 of The Puritan.  

Check out new fiction by Tim Conley, Arielle Bernstein, & Brian Allen Carr, new poetry by Peter Gibbon, Aleah Sato, Christine Miscione, Amber McMillan, & Philip Matthews, an essay by Leslie Stainton, reviews of works by Joe Blades (by Kevin Kvas), Nicholas Lea (by Jesse Ferguson), & Phil Hall (by Ted Nolan), & an interview with ReLit winner Craig Francis Powers. Oh, and our current issues are now flip-book-powered and audio-friendly, too!

We're currently putting together Issue 17: Spring 2012. It is going to be a KILLER!

4. I'm going to be a POEM DADDY! I have four ridiculous poems coming out in the Spring 2013 issue of The Windsor Review. It's a special, "Best Writers Under 35" issue, edited by the inestimable Jenny Sampirisi. I took issue with this title because I'm one of the Best Writers In The World. Oh well.

I've also (supposedly) got poems birthing out of dead(g)end(er) magazine (from St. Catharines). Woo!

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